NEPAL2015_1The mountain top views steals your breath away and the villagers your heart. You sleep safe and sound in amongst, while the mighty Himalayas guard from afar. The red imprint on your forehead will eventually wash away and fade, your memories of Saydul will not.

/Gabriella Ekström – Back On Track Expedition 2015

Dear sponsors and generous contributors
The Search ® Adventures and Silwal Foundation are working together with the Nepalese communities in the Dahding area. We aim to create a sustainable plan for individual development, trash management, good education, improved health and increasing tourism. In order to set a target and goal for a better future for the villages all the basics in the society must function and the people must be interested in seeing and seeking new opportunities together. We have decided to focus on the three main areas of development for the villages. The village elders and politicians have also approved these three steps. 

  1. Engage The School
  2. Improved Health and safety
  3. Developed tourism in the area


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