NEPAL2015_1The mountain top views steals your breath away and the villagers your heart. You sleep safe and sound in amongst, while the mighty Himalayas guard from afar. The red imprint on your forehead will eventually wash away and fade, your memories of Saydul will not.

/Gabriella Ekström – Back On Track Expedition 2015

The Search ® Back On Track 2015
Under hösten 2015 reste vi tillsammans med Silwal Foundation till Nepal för att hjälpa jordbävningsoffren i byn Saydul. Det blev ett underbart äventyr som ingen av deltagarna kommer glömma. Här följer vår projektbeskrivning på Engelska.

Dear sponsors and generous contributors
The Search ® Adventures and Silwal Foundation are working together with the Nepalese village Saydul to create a sustainable plan for individual development, good education, improved health and increasing tourism. In order to set a target and goal for a better future for Saydul all the basics in the village must function and the people must be interested in seeing and seeking new opportunities together. We decided to focus on the three main areas of development for the village. The village elders and politicians have also approved these three steps. 

  1. Engage The School
  2. Improved Health and safety
  3. Developed tourism in the area

IMG_4151School Rebuild

We will support a small government school in a remote Chepang 2village in Syadul’s surrounding area to begin their rebuilding, on request from the Syadul Development Committee.

Further we will support that school and two other schools with sports and educational materials. This will benefit the 340 students that attend these schools daily. There is also an opportunity for the “Back On Track” participants to spend some time with the children and play games with them.

A working group for School Rebuilding has been set up by the Syadul Development Committee and will be responsible to ensure the success of the school rebuild project and arrange for the “Back On Track” participants to visit the three local schools which will be given sports and educational materials.

We have chosen to support a school to begin their rebuilding because rebuilding infrastructures like schools after natural disasters are a vital step towards a long-term development.

A school provide the children with education to improve their chances in life. It is also an opportunity for them to return to normalcy, meet their friends and play. School buildings can also function as a refuge in the case of another disaster. At the moment the school children enrolled in this school are studying in the open air, exposed to the elements.

The “Back On Track” participants will visit and hand over sports and educational materials personally to three local schools. During the visit they also have the opportunity to do sports with the children.

arlovsreklam_sponsor5Health & Safety
We will offer free basic medical check-ups on location in Saydul. The health checks are available for anyone in the village or surrounding areas. We suspect around 200 people will need to get a check-up during the three days.

A working group for Healthcare has been set up by the Saydul Development Committee and is responsible to ensure that locals in the area know and can come to get their check up. We have been allocated a medical tent, with some medical supplies available for us, which has been left in Saydul after a post-earthquake emergency response.

We will have Ms Lisa Eriksdotter, an ambulance helicopter nurse and one of the “Back On Track” participants, as head of the medical tent and check ups. The Sponsors for medical supplies are Rescue Rent, Falck Global Assistance, Falck Ambulans, Conturkliniken & Jörgen Nyqvist.

Lisa will be assisted by two Nepali medical students during the days in Saydul. This is the first step for the Silwal Foundation to develop a yearly Mobile Health Camp. These three days will contribute to invaluable understanding of the needs and challenges of running such a health camp. The “Back On Track” participants will assist with the health checks or other related shores.

IMG_3998-300x200Tourism in Saydul Village and surroundings
Tourism is one of the fastest ways to grow an economy in a country like Nepal. Visitors come from all over the world Nepal to explore, find peace of mind, a better health and to trek, climb, bike, raft, kayak much more. How ever, if you are in the countryside, off the track there must be a specific reason, sights, scenery, historic value or something else that makes tourists want to go and see.

Saydul used to be in a good economic situation, growing citrus fruits. Since many years now the citrus was infected by a virus and the threes died. The economy changed and the village and area fell into poverty. Saydul village reached out to Royal Beach Camp and Ram Silwal to ask for advice how to bring tourism to the area. This is now a part of our main project and also a long-term commitment.

A New Website
We have registered the domain The website can be developed by the village to promote and update information and promotional material.

IMG_4254-300x200An “all women” environmental working group, has been set up to ensure a safe and clean environment for the tourist as well as locals. This is also part of our aim to involve the entire community in the tourism sector, to empower local women and give them influence in the development of the village. The guide & entertainment working group set up by the Village Development Committee will also contribute with information to the promotional website.
Employing locals for guiding, entertainment, environmental management an over all management will ensure professional and responsible management and contribute too much needed income for local families.

The Search ® Adventures & Silwal Foundation would like to thank all sponsors and contributors to the Back On Track Expedition 2015.

Arneg Nordic Wica
Arlövs Reklam
Rescue Rent
Falck Global Assistance
Falk Ambulance
Jörgen Nyqvist
Lunds Adventures
Druid Orden Logen Värend
Grolls Yrkesbutik, Linköping

Samt alla donationer från privatpersoner som har skänkt pengar till Nepal sedan maj 2015. Vi har mottagit över 90.000 kr som kommer gå oavkortat till behövande i Nepal

Fredrik Hermelin
/The Search ® Adventures


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