The Search ® Adventures has put together a guide for you, which will help you when you are planning and packing your gear for the upcoming expedition to Nepal. Of course you can always challenge and change some of the items on the list.

Please download your PDF Pack list EBC2018

Gore Tex ® like shell/wind Jacket:
You will need a good jacket that is seriously waterproof. In case of rainy (monsoon like) weather we still want to trek and play

Gore Tex® Shell Pants:
Same as above, if it’s raining, then I suggest we still go trekking. A pair of good waterproof pants is really nice to have.

A warm but not so thick fleece:
It will be cool, damp and quite cold in the evenings and at night. Above 3.500 meters it can be arctic temperatures. So when you need to move around at night or early in the morning this is a great item to have.

Wind stopper:
Third layer is a thin wind stopper. It will allow you to keep warm even if cold winds blow from the glaciers.

A ultimate piece of clothing. Bring a few. No trekking in T-shirts. Use Merino wool for trekking.

You need to protect yourself from UV rays and when climbing or trekking you must keep up your appearance by wearing a cool headwear.

It might be the most important of all. Always see to protect your eyes from UV radiation. And of course it is also nice to look cool on the trip.

Bring a light pair for trekking during the day, bring warm down mittens for above 4.000 meters. It will be very cold up at Base Camp, Gorak Shep and at the summit of Kala Pathar.

Your daypack, 30-40 liter:
We have Sherpa support on the trip that will carry all equipment and most personal gear. But you will be expected to carry water, camera & wind/rain gear.

A couple of extra socks:
You will get wet and/or dirty. It’s nice to have a few pairs extra. Use wool, thin liners are nice.

Water bottles:
Make sure you have two good water bottles. We recommend 1litre bottles in hard plastic. Drinking lots of water helps you to prevent altitude sickness

Water purifying tablets for personal use:
Please bring a set of tablets or drops for your own personal use. We will filter water at all times but to be extra safe its wise to also use these.

Trekking pants:
Bring a pair of all round comfy pair of trousers that you like to trek in. I think materials like soft shell, loose canvas or similar. You will not be trekking in jeans.

It will be nice and hot during the day at lover altitudes. Feel free to wear shorts. Goes well for both men and women.

Trekking shoes:
A pair of good semi high shafted hiking boots. You will like to have them when trek. Gore Tex® is highly preferred.

Approach shoes or jogging shoes. Great to wear in the tea house at night.

Head Lamp/Flash light:
It will get really dark at night. Only the stars and the moon will bring some light. It’s really necessary to have some light with you. Also bring extra batteries

Merino Wool sweater/T-shirt:
The best piece of clothing you can have. Warms you up, cools you down. Dries quickly and they come in many nice colours.

Trekking Poles:
Not at all mandatory but it will for sure save your legs and minimize the risk of injury and falling in muddy and rocky terrain. Highly recommended.

Sleeping bag:
Must be comfy temp at -5 to -10. It will get really cold at night. (You can rent one in Kathmandu if you need to. Make sure you tell us if you need it. We sort it out for you.

Camera/Go Pro®/Video recorder:
Taking photos is a definitely must do!
The Search® Adventures will take hundreds of photos of you during the trek, but you will be happy to bring home some own memories on film.

Medical stuff:

  • Sun block (30-50)
  • Personal First Aid kit
  • Blister protection (Compeed®)
  • Antihistamine if you are allergic to insect bites

VISA for Nepal:

  • Pre filled in form
  • 30 USD for VISA
  • 1 Photo for VISA (Yes only one is needed)
  • 1 Photo for trekking & climbing permit

Your favourite candy
Stuff some of your favourites into your backpack. You will surely enjoy it while you are in your sleeping bag in the evening.

Your main luggage:
Pack all of your stuff in a duffel bag preferably at 90 litres (Large) North face duffel. You are only allowed to bring 15 kg per person up on the trek. So be clever. Your guide will support your group and make sure we bring minimum number of bags to the trek.

Roller bags, suite cases are not possible to bring and transport. Use duffels or Backpacks.

Have a great time packing your gear.
Any questions please call +46 708 56 18 38

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