Summit to Sea – Expedition

It is time to go searching for an adventure that has not yet been done and to be immersed in the wilderness together with great people.
Take on the challenges of rivers and the mountains and be blessed by its beauty. The Search ® Adventures is entering a new phase, that gives the opportunity to reconnect with the most fundamental part of adventures – the exploration.

/Ram Silwal & Fredrik Hermelin

Package: ( 16 days) – Expedition dates: 20 July – 04 of August
Join Ram Silwal and his experienced expedition team, on this ”once in a lifetime” opportunity to go from the Summit to the Sea in the Arctics.

Our expedition program in brief:
The expedition starts by trekking through the scenic Sami and reindeer country, aiming for Sweden’s highest mountain. The South Summit of Mt. Kebnekaise. (2102 m) The summit attempt requires both river and glacier crossings and alpine scramble to reach the top, a full day attempt, and we go together as a team.

Returning back from the snow- capped peak, we rest for a day with sauna and three course dinner before we head to the river that drains off the glaciers. The river journey is starting by Elsa’s bridge with a section of creeking leading into the beautiful landscape of Paittasjärvi lake. We continue our self- supported river expedition on the mighty Kalix river, one of the last remaining free flowing rivers in Sweden.

Experience the midnight sun and travel through land inhabited by the indigenous Sami people. Everyone is engaged in the expedition, setting up camp, packing and cooking. Together we paddle through the remote wilderness until the river meets the Gulf of Bothnia.

The team behind this adventure:
Join Ram Silwal, Fredrik Hermelin with long time partner Annki Nilsson  and the their expedition team, on this once in a lifetime opportunity to go from the Summit to the Sea, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle.

Ram Silwal has lead river expeditions for the British Army and worked on filming projects for the National Geographic and Outdoor Life Network.

Ram was among the first to explore and paddle many of the major rivers in the Himalayas, and the first to paddle from the source of the world’s highest mountain to the sea – a 1500 km expedition across Nepal, India and Bangladesh, from the base of Mt. Everest to the Bay of Bengal.

Ram is also a frequent visitor in the artic area outside of Kiruna, Kebnekaise massif. This time we explore the mighty Kalix river.

Itinerary created and planned by Ram Silwal & The Search Adventures.
Day 1.
You arrive to Kiruna and transfer to Nikkaloukta in a private bus. Here you will meet the team and do the final expedition preparations together.

Day 2. Early rise and big breakfast. Trek to Kebnekaise STF mountain station, ca. 5 hours. On the way you go by boat on the Laddjujavri glacier lake.

Day 3.
Early rise and big breakfast. Summit attempt starts at 07.00 am and we trek via the Eastern route. Long day trekking and climbing.

Day 4.
Back up day in case of bad weather.

Day 5.
The River journey starts at Elsa’s Bridge where we drop in. Paddle to Nikkaloukta with raft or kayak, creeking class III white water.

Day 6.
Early rise and breakfast. Start to paddle from Nikkaloukta to Kaalasluspa. It’s a long day paddling on flat water. Option to take support vehicle and meet up at the campsite in Kaalasluspa.

Day 7.
We are in the arctic wilderness! Paddle 25 km of class II water and arrive early afternoon to set up camp at the Tjårkijaure confluence.

Day 8.
Brake camp and start to paddle roughly 30 km through wilderness and small Sami villages. Arrive to the confluence with Kaitum river where we camp.

Day 9.
We continue to cruise through the scenic landscape. Aiming to arrive at the top of Parakkakurkkio rapid. Once we have set up our camp, we take a walk and scout the rapid to find the best line for the next morning.

Day 10.
Today we have some good section of class III+ white water ahead of us. Starting with the Parakkakurkkio rapid we scouted yesterday. We aim to arrive at Mäinnikkö village.

Day 11.
A day with beautiful scenery and gentle class II water, passing the small village of and confluence of Tärendö. Camping close to Narken.

Day 12.
We continue another 30 km down river to the top of Jockfall where we set up camp. Jockfall is one of the biggest rapids on the river and we go scout the line in the evening.

Day 13.
Early start to the day, depending on the water level we will either run or portage the Jockfall. We paddle about 30 km to Nybyn.

Day 14.
Nybyn to Kamlunge, passing the small town of Överkalix. 3 km after Svartebyn bridge we must keep to the river right while passing the small peninsula. We aim to arrive at Kamlunge in the afternoon.

Day 15.
Our final day on the river! We paddle about 35 km to Karlsborg where a hot shower and celebratory drink awaits.

Day 16.
Breakfast and departure.

Practical information
Participants can choose to go on a raft or in a kayak on the river. This expedition is for both the novice and experienced paddlers and trekkers. Ability to walk for full day hours with a pack and ability to swim min. 200 m is a requisite. For beginners river journey will be a full Rafting experience. For Kayaker’s we require some experience, ability to roll and paddle class III white waters.

Duration: 16 days and about 390 km paddle.
Minimum age: 15 years.

Technical equipment for both mountain and the river.
Expedition leader, guides and safety team. Outdoor camping in shared tent. All food and drinking water.

Personal clothing and equipment maximum 15 kg.
Travel to and from Kiruna Airport.
Personal travel insurance.

Expedition Package:
Kebnekaise Trek and summit + Paddle from Elsa’s bro to Gulf of Bothnia
16 days Program 17 500 SEK (Accommodation: Tent)